Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Unity


If we regard the number sequence as an analogy for the process of creation it is not surprising that since time immemorial the figure 1 has been identified with God the Creator, the one-and-only God. The concept of God is our way of signifying the unity which, although not accessible to man, is an inescapable conclusion from our experience of polarity. If man recognizes himself as a being subject to polarity and with a limited consciousness, it follows from the law of polarity itself that opposed to polarity there must be unity. If man can perceive a duality it follows inescapably that this must have arisen from a unity. If there is no unity there can also be no polarity. Without a creator there is no creation. Without a father there is no child. Just as from a child's existence we can deduce the existence of a father, so from the existence of a polarized world we can, with equal certainty, deduce the existence of an upolarized single creator. This primal, inaccessible entity we call God.
From this definition it follows that every conception that we form of this God must necessarily be false. For every human conception is subject to polarity and can never adequately express something non-polar. Consider the first commandment: thou shalt make unto thyself no graven image. The number 1, per se, can never be conceived except through its extension. Likewise we can only conceive of God through his creation.
The number 1 can neither be multiplied nor altered, for 1*1=1 and 1/1=1. The number 1 contains within itself all possibilities. In it all subsequent numbers are latent. By the same token, the number 1 remains present in all other numbers when these become manifest.
The same is true of God. In Him everything is contained, and at the same time He is contained in all of creation. Nothing can exist outside of Him. Nothing can increase or reduce Him. He is indivisible. God encompasses the universe, but the universe does not encompass Him. If we speak of the one-and-only God He must encompass everything that exist in reality. Nothing can exist outside of Him, otherwise He would not be the one-and-only. He must be infinite in time and space, for that which is finite and limited, that which has a beginning and an end, belongs to the world of polarity. All forms are subservient to the conditions of time and space, are finite and limited. God, however, is pure infinite, living spirit.
But, in this state of unity there is no cognition, for cognition is bound up with subject and object and presupposes polarity. In human terms, one could say that the moment God becomes aware of himself and wishes to know himself a process of creation has begun. The 1 cannot perceive itself as 1 as long as nothing exists that is not 1. The active 1 must create out of itself a counter-pole which serves as its mirror.

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